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One provider for your website, cloud, and business process services. One that understands security, compliance, and cognitive computing.

Engagement Drives Growth

Align your web services for engagement and grow your business.

At no time has the Internet been able to deliver more. Your Internet presence is the first impression, the 24 by 7 face of your business -- interacting with thousands -- new, existing, and potential clients. What does your web presence say about you? Is it engaging, aligned, and valuable? Is it cognitive, engaging, and mirror your purpose? If not, we can help with that.


Our Services

Broad Capabilities, Aligned, Focused

Our open approach engages your team, our proven methodology keeps alignment to your business goals, keeping engagement and technology projects on track. From clients with a few employees to thousands, we deliver services using global project management standards backed by online tools and services.

Autonomics (Includes Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning)

Create and implement cognitive models over your structured and unstructured business data. Create rich, live metrics based on: deep search, classification, statistical learning models, neural networks, and more. Publish results via web interfaces. Measure, manage and improve your engagement and business processes on metrics.

Secure Messaging

Keep your data encrypted and HIPAA compliant. Our solutions are powered by industry-leading technology and techniques.

Data Services

Collect, understand and communicate with your data. Make decisions based on metrics, not guesses.

Web Design

Clean, effective designs to make your Internet presence a presence. Strategies and methods for social media focus on your objectives.


High performance, high availability web sites, web services, payment systems with monitoring and backups included. Everything in one place, simple.

Our Projects

We use industry leading methodology, backed by intelligent tools, to create better outcomes.

Our engagements all leverage our comprehensive methodology based on global project management standards, Agile programming methods, and continuous improvement.

Strategic Planning

Define the business objectives, determine critical success factors for each objective, determine key performance indicators and metrics.


Project is aligned with the business, results can be measured (and later improved).

Project Management

Projects are managed online using a rich toolset based on global standards. Team members can work at times and locations of their choosing.


Project accountability, performance, timelines, budget management are enhanced, execution risks are reduced.

Agile Techniques

Large projects are broken into discrete small segments, that are completed in short time periods. Each segment is well defined and incrementally developed.


Early and continuous delivery of solutions to customers, with highest value first. Management of scope, cost and time. Provable value.

Continuous Improvement

From the start of the project every segment is conducted within a continuous improvement quality cycle. Quality management and improvement are built in.


Project costs are reduced, project team and customers have greater satisfaction, and progress towards business goals is measurable.

Most importantly?

Our projects result in web services aligned to your business, which increases engagement by employees and customers alike.

Our Clients

  • Dental Practices · Engineering Firms · Hoteliers · Internet Hosting Companies · Law Firms · Medical Practices · Multinationals · Municipalities · Professional Associations · Professional Artists · Universities · Web Design Firms

Our Solutions

  • Analytics · Business Intelligence · Change Management · Cloud Computing · Confidential Projects · HIPAA · Enterprise Software · Mobile Computing · Payment Systems · Process Design & Automation · Search Technologies · Secure Computing & Hosting · Social Platforms · Startup Consulting · Text Analysis · Web Design