Engagement and AI

We measure and improve engagement.

We all know that engaged businesses and organizations have better outcomes.

Are the people and groups you work with everyday paying attention? Are they following? Are they emotionally connected? Are they fearful or uncertain? Is there doubt?

What if there was a way to collect metrics on engagement? To use those metrics to improve?  What is the value of a process that measures and improves engagement every day?

We analyze and measure engagement in real time using machine learning, statistical analysis, classification and conventional big data techniques.  The output of that analysis provides metrics.  Metrics which can be used to improve.

What used to take a room full of developers and college professors weeks, can now be dragged and dropped into a model in minutes — the system then does the rest.

Our super power is integration — so we used that great responsibility for good. We have taken hundreds of algorithms, technologies, methods and put them all in one system.  We wrapped them in code to make them play nice with each other. We created an easy to use interface to orchestrate them all.

As much as that may be sound altruistic, we did this to solve our own problems.  As a small business, we used our strengths to continuously improve delivering value to our client. We undertook our decade long journey in a way that others can use.  So maybe there are altruistic applications — maybe you have one?

We had to solve problems, lots of them. So you don’t have to.

  • We integrated the best of class solutions, some open source, some we had to write ourselves.
  • Big data uses lots of resources. So we implemented pipelines, decoupled processes, and spread them across the cloud.
  • The information needed for models is often incomplete, or shows up at different times, but you need an answer now. We built the models to gracefully give an answer with the best data at the time.
  • There are lots of source information, how do you organize/track it all? We built a tagging system, for everything.
  • Over the last decade, we have learned a lot — we captured those lessons and incorporated them into the system.

The final result:  You create a Work Case to hold everything, attach your source information using tags and categories, drag and drop in the analysis components you want, create or choose the reports, and publish the results as you choose.  Complexity conquered in minutes.


To get your information out, you need to see it first.  We implemented a lot of options to visualize:

  • A wide variety of charting packages to see how things change over time
  • A versioned templating system so that you can create your own reports (or use one of ours)
  • A reporting repository, so you can keep copies of your reports for analysis or publication.

Now get it out there, you choose, scheduled and on demand:

  • Email
  • Text
  • WordPress

Everything Modular, Everything API
We run our business on it.

We have used our own technology to build project management tools that incorporate best practices.

Want to know a secret?  We wrapped the system itself in a machine learning/statistical analysis routines which drives our continuous improvement.  We are metric managed.

We deliver more to our clients everyday.

Please join us for a project, use our hard work to deliver more value.

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