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Deep Learning uses a lot of math. This is a live example of using the Data Analysis Platform to perform linear algebra. Here two 2x2 matrices are multiplied, giving the result of [[12.]].

Deep Learning

Our Data Analysis Platform provide deep learning services

In Deep Learning, computer programs find and discover relationships in data, even if the data is unstructured, or unlabeled.   These relationships can then be used to predict future outcomes

  • Deep learning can provide better results than traditional algorithms, such as that seen in web service language translation programs
  • Deep learning is the core technology in self-driving cars, image recognition, earthquake prediction, medicine, finance, and market forecasting
  • Deep learning has been rapidly growing, this is a case where recent advances in technology have provided the computing power needed.


  • The data is stored in the data analysis platform’s data warehouse
  • This widget outputs results from TensorFlow, a leading deep learning engine
  • This is a WordPress post using a short code from our plugin
  • We use deep learning as part of our services management and continuous improvement
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