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Steve Jobs Split Into Words

Your, time, is, limited, ,, so, don, ’, t, waste, it, living, someone, else, ’, s, life, ., Don, ’, t, be, trapped, by, dogma, –, which, is, living, with, the, results, of, other, people, ’, s, thinking, ., Don, ’, t, let, the, noise, of, other, ’, s, opinions, drown, out, your, own, inner, voice, ., And, most, important, ,, have, the, courage, to, follow, your, heart, and, intuition, ., They, somehow, already, know, what, you, truly, want, to, become, ., Everything, else, is, secondary

A Natural Language Processing Widget

Our Data Analysis Platform provides natural language services

Natural Language Processing is an area of computer science and artificial intelligence focused on human language.  This widget shows one of the typical first steps, breaking a phrase into it’s words (tokens).

  • This technology can be used to direct computer systems to do things, such as voice commands
  • Large amounts of written data, such as web pages or business documents, can be ordered or grouped by meaning
  • Human emotions can be measured, and recommendations made
  • Business applications include: customer service, advertising placement and effectiveness, reputation management, regulatory compliance, and market intelligence


  • The data is stored in the data analysis platform’s data warehouse
  • The data is processed using a one-step processing pipeline
  • This is processed using one of many available text tokenizers
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